Black & White Printing Services

Designed for Toronto customers who need high quality corporate black & white printing services, our networked Nuevera 120n Production Printers output at a resolution of 1200dpi for a clean, crisp image.
Our Nuevera 120 Production Printers even have imaging tools that can dramatically improve the look of your hard copy documents to create brand new “digital masters.” The system can re-size or rotate page elements as well as eliminate paste lines, stains, and smudges. Nuevera takes corporate black & white printing solutions to a whole new level.

Photos, line-art, and illustration can also be scanned into electronic documents, and each image can be sharpened and adjusted in terms of brightness and contrast.

Besides black & white printing, Nuevera 120 Production Printers can also image text and graphic elements in shades of gray.

When it comes to complete corporate black & white printing services, P&GD is the first choice for many of Torontonian’s largest companies. Located in downtown Toronto, we have been providing services locally since 1998. We more than understand corporate black & white printing services, and we are fully staffed to meet those demands. We offer excellent service and quick turnaround time.

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